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As one of the most traditional manufacturer of leisure vehicles, Dethleffs has a long company history and many innovations to look back on. Take a look back in time with our Time travel. It all began in 1932.

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Dethleffs - a friend of the family

This slogan is lived out to the fullest and goes far beyond the product itself. Our motto is: the whole family is our main concern regardless its size. The customer relationship does not stop when you buy a Dethleffs. This is just the beginning.

And since the production of the very first caravan we have always focused on the business location Germany: due to quality reasons but also due to a sense of social responsibility. We have even managed to retrieve a considerable amount of toll-manufacturing from abroad and thus have safeguarded jobs in the region. At the same time we export all over the world. By buying a Dethleffs vehicle you are supporting a global acting company, which is creating employment both in Germany and in South Africa.

During the past 75 years of the company's history, we have always strived to deliver products to the satisfaction of all our customers. During this time we have received several awards, which are important to us, simply as an affirmation that we have met the expectations of our customers with regards to motorhome and caravan solutions. Many different trade magazines have awarded us with accolades, which is again confirmation that we have succeeded in recognizing the market trend and fulfilling our own high expectations of being the "The Friend of the Family".

First prize in the Caravan Club Motorcaravan Design & Drive Awards 2010.


King-Customer-Award 2009 Reisemobil International




Camper van het jaar 2009 Kampeer & Caravan Kampioen,

NLThe Dethleffs Globeline T 6813 has been awarded by a Dutch magazine "Kampeer & CaravanKampioen" as motorhome of the year 2009.




Motorhome of the year 2009 promobil

The "Friend of the Family" wins four times the title and is placed eight times on the winners' podium. Dethleffs win the award for the categories "Overcab models 45.000 until 60.000 Euros" (FORTERO A), "Overcab models over 60.000 Euros" (GLOBETROTTER XXL), "Vans" (GLBOEBUST) and "Low Profile models over 50.000 Euros" (GLOBELINE T).



King-Customer-Award 2008 Reisemobil International

Dethleffs is an overall winner of the first customer satisfaction study by the magazine "Reisemobil International". Dethleffs is number one within the categories "Cost-Performance-Ratio", "Workshop" and "Service". Within the categories "Quality" and "Comfort" Dethleffs also receive several awards.



The German Caravaning Trade Organisation (DCHV) nominates Dethleffs for the supplier and partnership Academy Award (LUPO). The desired award Dethleffs receive for the category "Manufacturer" for their innovative vehicle projects. The LUPO is awarded to companies, organisations or private persons for brilliant achievements within the caravaning industry.


Motorhome of the year 2008 promobil

Thousands of readers of the magazine "Promobil" nominate the ADVANTAGE A in the category "Overcab models up to 40.000 Euros" and the GLOBEBUS T in the category "VANS". The two Dethleffs vehicles are the winners of the title "Motorhome of the year 2008". For the Cost-Performance-Ratio Dethleffs was the most mentioned brand among other participants of the voting.



Caravan of the year 2008 Caravaning

The readers' voting of the magazine "Caravaning" resulted in nominating the Dethleffs VARI as number one within the category "Multifunctional Caravan" and also "Caravan of the year 2008". The Dethleffs caravan Camper made the second place within the beginner class and the CAMPER LIFESTYLE is third for the middle class.


Golden Steering Wheel 2007 Bild am Sonntag
In the evening of the 7th November 2007 the magazine "Bild am Sonntag" nominated outstanding automobile new releases with the "Golden Steering Wheel" award. This year the internationally desired car prize went to Dethleffs for the category "Motorhomes". 291.000 readers of the magazine participated the voting and awarded ESPRIT H 6870 as their favourite motorhome.



Motorhome of the year 2007 promobil



Motorhome of the year 2007 Wohnmobil & Reisen
Another winner of the Golden Steering Wheel, Esprit H 7850, has been awarded again by the readers of the magazine "Wohnmobil & Reisen" as the favourite motorhome of the year 2007 within the category "Low Profile Model" followed by the "GLOBEVAN" who made the second place.


Winner A-Class of the Year 2007 MMM, GB
Dethleffs stand for quality. The biggest motorhome magazine MMM has the same opinion: they nominate the GLOBEBUSI 3 twice. Winner of the category "Best A Class 2007" and second place for the category "Best Motorhome 2007".


Caravaning Design Award 2006 RedDot & Messe Düsseldorf
For VARI and Female motorhome.



Motorhome of the year 2006 promobil





Caravan of the year 2006 Caravaning




Dethleffs products and imported and distributed by:
(JNB Clarence) 082 805 1810 (CPT Victor) 083 629 6608